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When does this policy apply?
This policy sets out the principles that Settlers Lifestyle adopts when dealing with ‘personal information’ in the conduct of our business of owning and managing properties.

What does this policy deal with?
This policy deals with our collection, use and disclosure of, and your access to, information we may have recorded about you. We are firmly committed to protecting your privacy. We aim to maintain a safe and secure system of handling your personal information, whilst still providing access to your personal information when required. For this reason, we aim to ensure that your personal information is handled in strict compliance with the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) which are part of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.

What is personal information?
Personal information for the purposes of this policy and the NPPs is information or an opinion (whether true or not) and whether recorded in a material form or not about an individual whose identity is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained.

How do we collect personal information?
Whenever it is reasonable and practicable to do so, we collect personal information about you directly from you. Occasionally, we may receive information about you from third parties. When we do so we will use reasonable steps to inform you of who we are, the reason why we are collecting personal information and the consequences if we do not receive that information.

From time to time we may also collect information about you or disclose information about you to a family member nominated by you or someone that is appointed as your personal representative, attorney or legal representative. We ask you to keep us informed of any nominations or appointments in this respect.

Why do we collect personal information?
We only collect personal information about you that is necessary for us to carry on our business functions. The information we collect depends upon the nature of our dealings with you. For example, when you apply to live in one of our villages we will collect information about you.

In most cases the information is collected in a written application form that we will ask you to complete. Initially we use this information to consider your eligibility for residency or to receive services from us. We also need this information to provide services to you and to administer our village facilities. If you do not provide this information to us we may not be able to consider your application or we may not be able to provide you with some or all of the services for which you have applied.

We may also collect additional personal information on an ongoing basis for the purpose of providing services to you or for the administration of our facilities.

Sensitive information (including health information)
We do not generally collect sensitive information about you unless required by applicable laws or rules or the context requires us to do so. Sensitive information includes information about race, political or religious beliefs, sexual preferences, criminal convictions and health information.

We ask for your consent for us to collect sensitive information regarding health. We collect health information about you if you are a resident or prospective resident of one of our retirement villages to ascertain your eligibility for residency from time to time.

We do not use or share that information for any other purpose or disclose it to any person other than in accordance with the terms of any consent that you provide to us or where we are permitted to do so by the NPPs. For example, we may provide health information held by us to a medical practitioner or hospital in a medical emergency.

Use and Disclosure of personal information
We will only use your personal information for the reasons we collected it or for purposes set out in this policy. Where personal information is disclosed to any third party we will take reasonable steps to ensure that the person receiving your personal information keeps it confidential and does not misuse it or improperly disclose it to any other person.

Personal Information may be shared between different entities within Settlers Lifestyle but where this occurs the principles contained in this policy will continue to apply to it.

We may use personal information to send to you information about other Settlers Lifestyle products and services which may be of interest to you, but we respect your right to ask us not to do this. If you no longer wish to receive those sorts of communications from us, you should contact our Privacy Officer and we will ensure this is corrected.

Any other use or disclosure we make of your personal information will only be as required by law or permitted by the Privacy Act 1988.

We will not sell your personal information to other organisations.

Data Quality and Security
We will take all reasonable steps to:

  • make sure that the personal information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up to date;
  • protect the information from misuse, loss or unauthorised access, modification or disclosure both physically and through computer security methods; and
  • destroy or permanently de-identify the information if it is no longer needed for any purpose.

A cookie is a small data file that may be placed on the computer of a web user (usually in the browser software folder) the first time a computer visits a web site which operates cookies. Cookies are necessary to facilitate on-line transactions and ensure security. If you do not wish to receive any cookies you should set your browser to refuse cookies. We do not use cookies to keep personal profiles of our clients’ use of Settlers Lifestyle websites.

Access to and Correction of your Information – Residents
If you are a resident of one of our villages and you want to access, correct or raise a query or concern about the personal information we hold about you, then we recommend that you contact the manager of your village. He or she should be able to address your concerns.

The NPPs give rights to access personal information that we hold about you in certain circumstances and we will observe these rights.

Access to and Correction of your Information – Persons other than residents
If you are not a resident and would like access to personal information that we have about you, you believe any personal information that we have about you is inaccurate or out-of-date, or you are concerned about the way we have handled your personal information then please contact our Privacy Officer.

Privacy Officer Details
You can contact the Settlers Lifestyle Privacy Officer as follows:

Telephone: (07) 3326 5800
Facsimile: (07) 3326 5888

Address: Suite 1, 257 Gympie Road, Kedron QLD 4031, PO Box 2454, Chermside QLD 4032

Additional Information on Privacy
For further information on Australian Privacy laws, please visit the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner’s web site at