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As we head towards retirement, we find a number of important decisions need to be made. Many retirement choices are positive, even exciting, but some decisions can be difficult and some choices and options may even be out of our hands. During this period of our lives, it is extremely important to have the support of our families.

As a senior whose retirement may be just around the corner, you may feel some pressure or perhaps you may be under a great deal of stress regarding the changes about to happen and how these changes will affect your life. But keep in mind- retirement is all about you. Your wants and needs! Take the time to really think about what you want; how you want to spend your free time, who you would like to spend it with and what activities you would now like to be involved in. Once you have established your wants and needs, make sure you communicate these with your family, and ask them for ideas and assistance when and where needed.

If you have decided to research your retirement living options, enlist your family’s help in the research. Invite them along to retirement unit inspections and ask for help or advice with selling your property and downsizing your possessions.

It’s important during this time for family members to be supportive and understanding of each others’ feelings. You may all be feeling a little overwhelmed, especially if you are about to sell the family home which is the source of many happy memories. Remember, though, the decision to move to a lifestyle retirement village always rests with you, but by keeping your family involved and informed you can make it a smoother transition for everyone.

If you are the daughter, son, grandchild, relative or friend of the senior who is considering their retirement living options remember: the choices are really about them. Try not to pressure or influence the retiree too much. Support their choices and help them wherever needed. If they are purchasing a home within a retirement community, and you are invited, go along to inspections as a means of support. Ask lots of questions, help them find out as much information as possible, but avoid dominating the situation. This will most likely be the last home the senior will purchase so make sure you are supporting them in a way that helps them feel comfortable with their decision. By doing this, you will go a long way to helping your loved one through the exciting transition into retirement living– possibly the best choice they will make in their senior years.