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Retirement villages as you know them, are in a state of evolution. As the wants and needs of retirees change, and developers try to meet increasing demand, traditional models are having to make way for a new type of retirement living. Vertical villages are on the rise, and seniors are loving the modern lifestyle they provide them with.

Apartment style living is something that younger generations are very familiar with, as they reap the benefits of living within the inner city. For seniors, who have come from a traditional low set family home, living within a high rise is a new concept, but what they are finding is that these villages provide a convenience that is unparalleled by traditional models .

The locality of vertical villages is the major drawcard. As developers can build right on city fringes, retirees benefit from easy access to services, amenities, transport, and arts and cultural centres. Sales Manager Christine White from Settlers Forest Lake, a vertical village in the prime location of Forest Lake, said ‘The major advantage for residents here is the location of the village, with a shopping centre directly across the road, and the lake and walking tracks close by, as well as being an easy bus ride into the city, residents really have everything they need. It removes a lot of stress for seniors, knowing that they don’t need to travel far to get what they need.

With baby boomers set to flood the retirement industry, you can expect many more vertical villages to be built, and the industry is finding that this generation are happy to lose that once desired garden space, if it means they can be closer to the city.