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Today’s children are technology savvy, and as such, a large part of their world exists digitally and through social media. New devices and digital landscapes are adopted quickly by younger generations, who are unafraid or unaware of the greater implications and benefits these technologies can carry.

For the older generations, who have not grown up with i-pod’s; smart phones, and Facebook, the world of technology can be hard to navigate. What many seniors don’t realise is that technology can be an important tool in making day to day tasks easier, and improving the quality of your retirement.

Family and friends often become a huge part of retirement, as you will have more time on your hands to spend with loved ones, and helping with the babysitting of grandkids. Learning about and using technology, particularly social media is not only a great way to keep in contact with family members, it’s also a great way to understand the world your grandkids live in. If you are comfortable using a computer, then you should have no trouble in learning how to use communication tools such as email, Facebook and Skype. Ask a younger member of your family to download the programs and give you a demonstration and you will be surprised at the whole new world at your fingertips.

For those unfamiliar with computers, take the time to do some research within your local area and find a seniors club or U3A who are running beginner classes, alternatively take the opportunity for some bonding and ask your grandchildren to give you a lesson. Once you get comfortable using your computer you will find a whole bevy of services that will make your life a little easier, including online banking, online bill payments and online shopping.

Computer gaming equipment such as Wii and XBOX Kinect, are being embraced by seniors for their health and fitness benefits. Getting the physical benefits from doing yoga, playing tennis and bowl, without having to leave your own home is great for seniors who want to get up and moving, even those with limited mobility can enjoy these games.

Don’t be afraid to try new technologies, and find aspects that work for you and fit into your own routine, you will find there are plenty of people who are willing to answer questions either online or in person.

For those looking to learn, keep and eye out for senior computer classes coming to Settlers Forest Lake in the upcoming months.