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Peace of mind, is something we aim for in our lives, at all ages. This can come in various forms and is often related to finances, career, family, and relationships. As we age, our feelings of peace of mind shift focus. As many of us find ourselves living alone, or with health issues, a sense of security and safety become the key components to peace of mind. This includes personal safety, home security and also feeling safe within your community.

This is one of the reasons why retirement villages are so popular. Living within the community of a village allows people to feel less vulnerable, and as such safer within their home and with themselves. The village environment induces a sort of unplanned neighbourhood watch program, where neighbours and staff members are looking out for one another, due to proximity and community atmosphere. This is fantastic for those looking for a sense of safety.

As seniors, we want to enjoy our retirement, and this includes having the opportunity to travel. Living within a community where you can simply lock up and leave your home while you go away on holiday is a big incentive for moving into a retirement village.

To know that you have a home within a gated community, and where staff are conscious of your movements you can be sure that your home and possessions are protected as much as they can be.

For many, health can become an issue as we age, and knowing that there are both like-minded people, and trained staff around you on a daily basis, can provide great comfort, in knowing that if something was wrong it would be picked up on. Retirement villages also have arrangements with emergency services who can access the village and units in case of an emergency.